NEW! The DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion

International youth meetings have a great impact on young people. A significant number of studies have shown the positive effects of active youth participation in international mobilities and on young people’s self- development. However, access to such opportunities is not offered to everyone yet. To deal effectively with this issue, the European Erasmus+ programme has set the promotion of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities as a goal of high priority.

The strategic partnership project DARE: DisAble the baRiErs aims to contribute to achieving this important goal by developing innovative outputs being particularly focused on access opportunities for young people with visual, hearing and physical impairments.

The DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion is the first of the four outputs that has been developed within the DARE partnership. The primary target groups of the DARE Guide are European experts in (international) youth work as well as youth organizations that aspire to make youth work more inclusive. The DARE Guide comprises an introduction to inclusive international youth work. Its five chapters delve into the basic principles and practical approaches that support youth workers in making their activities more inclusive.

We, as partners of the Strategic Partnership Project DARE: DisAble the baRiErs would very much appreciate to receive your feedback about this Guide and we hope that it will inspire many people involved in youth work to make their activities accessible to all young people.

NEW! The DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion
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