The Truth and DARE e-learning Space is online!

Inclusion and diversity are essential priorities of the European Erasmus+ programme. In alignment with this, the strategic partnership project DARE: DisAble the baRiErs, has successfully launched the Truth and Dare e-learning Space. This space is specially designed to connect youth workers, trainers, educators, organization members and training centres directly with young People with Visual, Hearing or Physical Impairments (PwVHPI). It also seeks to improve and increase mobility opportunities for young PwVHPI.

How? We designed the Truth and DARE Space with two main characteristics. The first one is the e-learning Space itself, which compiles ten e-learning modules: Five for youth workers, educators, trainers, and youth leaders, that have as an aim to increase the skills, competencies of youth workers who want to work with young PwVHPI; The other five modules address young PwVHPI and young people in general who wish to become DARE ambassadors and support their peers.

The second main characteristic is the DARE communication and info space. This space of the platform aims to facilitate and ease information exchange and communication between Young PwVHPI and youth workers, educators, NGO members and other participants. The Truth and DARE e-learning Space, being the third of the four project results, also has open calls for participation and networking opportunities. While the discussion group is a place to exchange opinions, ideas and tips on inclusion and the empowerment of the community around you.

We invite you to check it out and not to miss the opportunity to be an advocate for inclusion!

The Truth and DARE e-learning Space is online!
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