DisAble the barRiErs

DARE: DisAble the barRiErs is a 24 month project that has as an aim to empower youth organizations and youth workers into implementing more inclusive youth mobility projects for young people with special needs and especially young people with visual/hearing/physical impairments through 4 innovative products (DARE practical guide of inclusion, DARE manual of empowerment, Truth and Dare Space and DARE app).

capacity building

support the capacity building of youth workers and youth organizations in implementing high quality youth mobility inclusive projects involving young PwVHPI

social inclusion

open up youth work to cross-sectorial cooperation allowing greater synergies across fields of social inclusion actions concerning young PwVHPI

peer support

foster volunteering among young people and increase the peer support from young people towards young PwVHPI

realize mobilities

foster social inclusion of young PwVHPI, taking into account the underlying European values by making organizations-youth NGOs that realize mobilities-more accessible to them

awareness raising

increase the level of active participation of young PwVHPI to local and EU level through raising awareness about Erasmus+ Youth Mobility Projects and increasing their participation number in these projects

Project Target Groups

Youth workers, Youth organizations, members, trainers, educators, youth leaders

The purpose of this local focus group will be to give their insights and evaluate the IO1 and IO3 that are mainly addressed to the specific target group. The final version of the IOs will be sent to the group and a meeting per partner will also take place to have a discussion for the evaluation of each IO through questions asked about participants’ satisfaction regarding content, quality and sufficiency of information.

Young people and young people with visual, hearing, physical, impairments (young PwVHPI)

The purpose of this focus group will be for the young people and young PwVHPI to test and evaluate the intellectual outputs. Again, the final versions of the outputs will be sent to the group and afterwards one meeting per output will be conducted for them to give their feedback regarding the content, effectiveness, technical characteristics and accessibility (especially for the young people with visual and/or hearing impairments).

Project results

DARE practical guide for inclusion
The DARE practical guide for inclusion will be a 50 pages guide with tips, methods and examples/good practices on the inclusion of young people with Visual, Hearing of Physical Impairments (PwVHPI) for organization members, Youth organizations, Youth Workers, Trainers and educators, project managers that are active in the field of Erasmus+ mobility including implementing short/long term youth mobilities (youth exchanges, mobilities of youth workers and EVS or European Solidarity Corps). The aim of the practical guide is to equip both youth organizations and associations as well as youth workers, trainers and educators with the necessary knowledge and encourage them in order to involve more young PwVHPI, and implement more inclusive activities and mobilities towards them.
DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook of Empowerment
The 2nd intellectual output will be a digital storytelling handbook of empowerment that will be designed for both young PwVHPI and young people without any disability, that wish to become DARE ambassadors. The DARE digital storytelling handbook will have as an aim to equip young PwVHPI and/or young people in general with knowledge, skills and attitudes in order for them to support other young PwVHPI that wish to take part in Erasmus Plus Mobility projects and become more active citizens in their environment. The DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook (D.ST. Handbook) will be based on the digital storytelling method and will contain audiovisual material and media scoping to be more interactive to the youth audience. There will also be editions of the handbook designed for young people with visual or hearing impairments.
Truth and DARE Space

The Truth and DARE Space will be especially designed to connect youth workers, trainers, educators, organization members and training centers directly with young People with Visual, Hearing or Physical Impairments (PwVHPI). Its aim will be to provide a communication and e-learning space among the above groups and improve and increase the mobility opportunities for young PwVHPI.

– Truth e-learning space: in total 10 e-learning modules will be developed and uploaded in the DARE e-platform. Five for youth workers, educators, trainers, youth leaders that have as an aim to increase the skills, competences of youth workers that want to work with young PwVHPI, and five modules will be designed for young PwVHPI and young people in general that wish to become DARE ambassadors and support their peers.

– DARE communication and info space: this space of the platform will be dedicated to facilitate and ease the info provision and communication between Young PwVHP and youth workers, educators, NGO members etc.

The DARE mobile app

The IO4 is an innovative app especially made for the needs of young PwVHPI that want to explore and be informed about the opportunities of the youth mobilities of Erasmus Plus. The DARE mobile app will be a source of information for young PwVHPI and will also connect them with volunteers around the world and DARE ambassadors. Our aim is the DARE mobile app to become a useful digital tool for young PwVHPI so that they will feel better empowered into participating more in existing or even create future opportunities using Erasmus Plus.

Project partners

DARE LTTA activity

The DARE LTTA activity is a very important activity that will contribute to the capacity building of the partners and will constitute a valuable contribution to the skills development of the staff members, youth workers, educators, trainers, youth leaders of the partner organization. The DARE LTTA aims to increase the learning impact of direct participants of the partner organizations and engage even more people from each partner by providing additional knowledge and training of high quality, on the themes of the project. The learning results of this activity will be disseminated internally in each organization and their effects will remain even after the completion of the project.

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