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Welcome to the DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook of Empowerment!

Do you want to learn more about the Erasmus+ Programme and international youth exchanges? Or maybe you never thought these activities were meant for you, because you can’t speak a foreign language or you have a disability?

We designed this handbook for you, because we firmly believe that everybody can and should participate in an international youth exchange at least once in their lives… However, let us warn you, it’s difficult to stop once you’ve started!

A person in a wheelchair, holding a magnifying glass to read the word “Erasmus+”.

In the following story, “EUth in Action”, you can learn about different kinds of international youth exchanges, and you’ll see that it’s not difficult to participate in one!

But there’s more!

Have you already participated in an inclusive international youth exchange and you would love for others to experience the same, life changing moments? Then you are the right person to become a DARE Ambassador! This Digital Storytelling Handbook is meant to be a supportive tool for you. The DARE Youth Peer Support Model will show you how you can use your voice and your experiences to motivate and support other young people to join Erasmus+ mobility projects.


Graphics: Agnieszka Halama, https://centrumhalama.pl/

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